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Preorder Info

What does that mean? 

Ordering a Legion Guitar is a bit different than ordering from a box store. We produce our guitars in very limited runs on a preorder basis. Several times during the year we open up preorders for a specific few lines of guitars we will be manufacturing. Once the preorders hit our limited production numbers, they are 'sold out'. Meaning, we will not make more and new orders must wait until the next preorder schedule beings. Any guitars that are claimed during preorders will then be shifted over to our 'In Stock Guitars' inventory. 


Why does Legion do this?

Several reasons. We are a small production company that believes in offering top-notch guitars at competitive pricing and by producing in small batches, we can achieve both goals. We can keep a close eye on quality without burying ourselves in inventory that now has to be sold before we can move on to new ideas, new models, and new concepts.  


How do preorders work?

Preordering a Legion guitar is easy. When you place your preorder you will be securing your order with a 50% deposit. Once the build cycle is complete you will receive an email invoice for the balance plus shipping to you. It's that easy. 


How long is the preorder process?

Generally speaking, the process is around 4-6 months. We don't need to tell anyone that production times, transport times, customs clearance, and everything else under the sun has been affected by supply chain and labor issues. We do our absolute best to try and avoid delays, but the world is currently upside down...and we all know it.  You will receive production photos as the build process moves forward so you can monitor the progress of your order and watch your guitar come to life.

If you have any questions about the process, if we have current preorders or when the next run is coming... Contact Us!